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30 March 2012 @ 11:51 am
icon is relevant, you'll see.  
okay, my dream last night was weird enough (yes, by my standards) that i need to lay it out.

part one - i was alexia and i was pregnant a second time. in the dream was 100% certain i'd dreamed through the first birth - not the one in the book, the one in my head, which had something to do with alexia and conall kissing in the shower (it was modern day for no reason, yes) and then, birthing! but there wasn't any pain, just weirdness and exhaustion and this second time it was a boy? but for some reason, i'd had the girl in february? I DON'T. KNOW. but the babies carried over into the next parts of the dream, though conall didn't, for some reason. (which sucks because conall is awesome)

part two - then i was in a hotel. i've actually dreamed in this hotel several times before, especially recently. there are these enormous glass walkways and you have to walk through these big baths to get to the rooms, which, idek, but anyway this time i was staying on the second floor, and our group had two rooms, though i'm not entirely sure -

wait, where was the plane dream? maybe the plane dream was second. or first. i don't remember. anyway there was something about being on a plane, with some people, and i may or may not have had the babies, so idk.

anyway, i think by this point the babies had turned into kittens. wait. no, there was something else. right!

the latin lesson! i started taking a latin class (latin language) with elise and some... guy i knew in the dream, idk. anyway, the professor was this weird old man who was very passionate about the romans, so i liked him immediately, but like... okay the classroom changed to be this huge gym and there were people literally in a huge circle all around this center board thing that had words on it? and he was going around and asking us why we wanted to take the class, or where we were from, or something, and all i remember is that i basically said i was taking latin because i wanted to, and he gave me this suspicious look. and then i got called out to read something aloud, and while it started off fine, it suddenly transformed into music? like. i don't know how to explain. but then the professor got furious at me? he was like, you can read ancient egyptian? and i was like 'uh. i have no idea i was just reading what was there.' and i guess i had some sort of magical power. and then after the class, while i was waiting around to apologize to the professor for... being magical or something, i was hanging out looking at some cuneiform with some older guy that i also apparently knew, and we discovered some sort of tiny picture involving germans and egyptians only everyone was fish? and the professor came over and then was mad at me. again. so i was like 'screw dis' and went back to my hotel room.

right, the babies had been kittens by then, because i was definitely watching them walk around during the lesson. yes, walk. some of them looked like tiny humans. but they were definitely cats.

i got a phone call on the way back to the room, telling me about an employment opportunity in san francisco, and i was basically like 'hm yeah i'll think about it' and then hung up the phone and 'yeah nope'.

but then, by the time i got back up to the hotel room - suz and jackie were there, on their way out, and giffy was following them, but i basically grabbed her and turned her around like nope, we're going back to the room, us time, and she was like 'but' and i was like 'suz and jackie have each other and they don't care. c'mon.' and she followed me back to our room.

now, here's when things got really distressing.

more cats. apparently there were... let's see. at least eight kittens total? and they were tiny. like. can fit in your palm, barely out of the womb tiny. and there was a guy there - i'm going to say work!matt because that's who's popping to mind and i did drive him home yesterday, but it... wasn't. so outwardly, resembles work!matt. inwardly, some guy i knew, idk. but we come up to our room and see that the door's open, and i get this freezing feeling in my chest because i know the kittens were supposed to be in here, and from what i can see, there's no one in the room... and then i hear a sobbing sound from across the way, and i go and not-matt's there, his head in a cabinet, freaking the hell out. because apparently one of the tiny tiny kittens got hurt. like, smashed. ish. and he's freaking out because he doesn't know what to do, and i'm so angry i'm about to explode because someone hurt my baby, someone who was supposed to protect her, and i growl 'FIX IT' and i have no sympathy and i'm trying to gather up all the tiny kittens but i can't hold all these kittens--

Yeah. I don't even know what to say. That's just. What the hell.