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➵ she walks in starlight
02 March 2012 @ 01:23 pm
And I'm stealing her exact wording because pada_something is basically amazing.

shockingly enough, i want to write drabbles so i'll procrastinate and not do the things i really have to do:
(and to make your life easier, because i'm a sweetheart)

1) Give me a pairing.
--[or just a character/group idec.]
2) Give me an AU setting.
--[if you can't think of one, pick a number from 1-25 and i'll use my random AU table]
3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.
--[or more. who da fuq knows.]
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➵ she walks in starlight
29 February 2012 @ 12:11 am
The Bread Story

Once upon a time, I was on skype with Elise and she said "go to bread". Due to lack of medication, my brain was made of pop rocks, so naturally, I lost my shit. Fucking lost.

Then I had to log back on to tell her, "my bread is a fruiton". Shit was lost a second time.

Then today, I told Jezzi to go to bread and she said, "no, I'm just gonna go to sheep". Shit lost for a third time.

I told Ryan, I'm gonna sheep in my fruiton bread. His response was to tell me about his favorite pickup line: "You can sheep in my bread, but I sheep in my bread, so we'll have to chair".

Shit. Fucking. Lost.

[2/29/12 12:09:43 AM] Risu: SOOOOO LOST
[2/29/12 12:09:46 AM] Risu: IT'S LIKE
[2/29/12 12:09:48 AM] Risu: IN FUCKING ORBIT BY NOW
[2/29/12 12:09:53 AM] Fruiton Bread: IT'S ORBITING JUPITER
[2/29/12 12:09:55 AM] Fruiton Bread: I WAS ABOUT TO SAY JAPAN
[2/29/12 12:10:07 AM] Fruiton Bread: WHOOPS
[2/29/12 12:10:54 AM] Risu: LOL

[2/29/12 12:16:20 AM] Fruiton Bread: oh hey you get to sleep in a real bed
[2/29/12 12:16:28 AM] Ryan Smith: wait
[2/29/12 12:16:29 AM] Ryan Smith: what
[2/29/12 12:16:32 AM] Fruiton Bread: you get the bed
[2/29/12 12:16:34 AM] Ryan Smith: what is this sorcery
[2/29/12 12:16:34 AM] Fruiton Bread: like
[2/29/12 12:16:39 AM] Fruiton Bread: not even the pullout bed
[2/29/12 12:16:43 AM] Ryan Smith: WHAT
[2/29/12 12:16:44 AM] Fruiton Bread: cos i have a fruiton now
[2/29/12 12:16:51 AM] Ryan Smith: i feel like royalty :D
[2/29/12 12:16:51 AM] Fruiton Bread: so you get the big bread
[2/29/12 12:17:37 AM] Fruiton Bread: i know you've always wanted the big bread, so
[2/29/12 12:17:43 AM] Fruiton Bread: we don't even have to chair it
[2/29/12 12:18:00 AM] Ryan Smith: oh...
[2/29/12 12:18:09 AM] Ryan Smith: but we could always chair if we wanted dew
[2/29/12 12:18:23 AM] Fruiton Bread FUCKNGJLHN:TEIOLSNFSJK HGD

....THE END.
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➵ she walks in starlight
31 January 2012 @ 05:12 pm
If iGrab Had Written Twilight

-Bella would be a spunky bibliophile fangirl with a penchant for mild violence with said books. She would be pragmatic about things, herself and others, rather than having low self-esteem. She would still fall down a lot.
-Edward would be about 80% less creepy, but retain his gentleman-ly courtesy and would frequently have no idea how to ask a girl out in the modern sense. And probably still get mildly scandalized by ankles.
-Jacob would be gay. He would have a thing for Edward, which would make things awkward between him and Bella until he becomes a werewolf, at which point he would agonize about feeling magically repulsed even if you like someone.
-Jasper would be a girl. Alice and Jasper would still be together, and Alice would legitimately flirt with Bella (up to a point. She's dedicated to her girl, of course.) and Bella would constantly be questioning Edward's sexuality, because 'all her friends are gay'.
-Most everything after the first book wouldn't happen.
-Basically it would just be about the vampire family and sparkly vampires and gay werewolves and Bella hitting Edward with books every time he does something dumb. And Edward not understanding that normal boys don't carry pocket handkerchiefs.

If iGrab Had Written Cowboys and Aliens

-Daniel Craig would actually be an alien of the same species as Olivia Wilde.
-And she would know this.
-We would get to see her true form.
-Instead of her going on by herself at the end, they would go together, and either die holding hands, or manage to get out and integrate into society.
-But their species would be some sort of body-snatcher, which is where the bandits and so on would come from.
-All the time spent being all 'woo suspense' would instead by spent making Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig snipe at each other. Also, Olivia being much newer at her human body and doing some silly alien things.
-And there would be a strong female character who is not an alien.

If iGrab Had Written Green Arrow

-We would pick up the story from right before Cry for Justice. Let's just say the real Ollie and Dinah were transported to Tin Pin world and their alternates were stupid for a few years there.
-Dinah would put the Birds of Prey together, but she'd come home to Ollie.
-It would turn out that Connor wandered into Kyle's room and he's been there ever since.
-Shado comes to see him and, idk. Activates his dragon's-blood bath somehow, curing him. He is really embarrassed that they kissed that one time.
-Robert would go back to being eight. But when he grew up he'd be the next Green Arrow and would be bffs with Sin and Lian, of course. (Because Lian is alive. Duh.)
-And Ollie/Dinah/Roy would be canon.

If iGrab Had Written Kingdom Hearts II

-Sora would make friends with the Organization instead of destroying them.
-Maleficent would still be dead.
-Ansem the Wise would be the final boss.
-Port Royal wouldn't be so STUPID.

If iGrab Had Written Percy Jackson and the Olympians

-Percy and Nico would get together. Duh.
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➵ she walks in starlight
18 December 2011 @ 11:11 pm
pnmce u[pm a time, there was a vampire. and he was dumb. and then there was a werewolf, and he was adorable. btu then he turned dumb. so bella went and kissed all the girls! this made her feel happy. because girls are nice. and then creepy people came. and she was like. but i like girls! and then she grew up and became a biog. lesbian. and edwartd was sad because jhe was seventeen foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. that is bad!! seventueen is bad.

and then carlisle was hot.

the end!!!!!!!!!!!

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30 December 2010 @ 10:49 am
This is quite different from fandoms I ship things in, being that I can write quite a lot of things that I'm not necessarily a fandom-fan of! Fandoms are listed alphabetically, if there's no notes it means I'll write anything for them.

Bold are the fandoms I'm particularly known for/prolific in.

General Note: generally speaking, I don't write smut by request. It's not my forte, there are much better smut writers out there, and I find it extremely difficult to write porn to someone else's specifications. There are a few select occasions that I will do so, but those are the exception, not the rule.

Ace Attorney
(history rpf/movie)
Almost Human
The Authority
The Bartimaeus Trilogy
Batman Beyond
Beauty and the Beast
(tv series)
Breakout Kings
Cardcaptor Sakura
Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica
Chronicles of Narnia
Chronicles of Riddick
CLAMP School
(detectives, defenders)
Clash of the Titans
Cut and Run
(recent comics/movie)
Darian's Tale
The Demon's Lexicon
(anything but alan/sin)
The Dragonriders of Pern
Final Fantasy
(IV, VII, VIII, IX, XII, tactics, dissidia, wotl)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Good Omens
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Gundam Wing
Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Harry Potter
(anything but snape/lily and harry/ginny)
(up to dragonsoul)
(perry moore)
The Hobbit
Howl's Moving Castle
The Hunger Games
The Infernal Devices
Iron Man
Jeeves and Wooster
(tv show)
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl
The Keeper's Chronicles
Kingdom Hearts
(all games)
Kingdom Rush
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Zelda
Lie to Me
The Lynburn Legacy
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
(greek/roman forte but if i'm not familiar with it, i will make myself familiar)
The Nightrunner Series
The Parasol Protectorate
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Pirates of the Carribean
Prince of Persia
Professor Layton
(curious village)
Repo Men
RG Veda
(pjo, ritchie holmes, trek reboot, shatnoy; various historical personages including arthur conan doyle, houdini, herman melville and nathaniel hawthorne, bram stoker, shakespeare; various musicians including one direction, dong bang shin ki, and voltaire)
The Sandman
(if i'm not familiar with it, i will make myself familiar)
Sherlock Holmes
(canon, ritchie, bbc)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Sleepy Hollow
Space Cases
Spy vs Spy
Soul Calibur
Star Trek
(tos, reboot, ds9, enterprise)
(sg-1, atlantis)
Tales of Symphonia
Team Fortress 2
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
The Velvet Glove
Violinist of Hameln
The Wayfarer Redemption
Welcome to Night Vale
White Collar
The World Ends With You
Xena: Warrior Princess
Young Justice
➵ she walks in starlight
21 December 2010 @ 09:17 pm
Organized by character; preferred pairing at the top, then each preference in descending order. There are only repeat names if there are new pairings with them.

Also, my new goal in life 2011 LIFE is to write fic for each of these pairings. No lie.

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22 September 2010 @ 04:52 am
Day Two: Least Favorite Character

Oh boy.


full list of questions here
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21 September 2010 @ 12:32 am
Day One: Favorite Character

It's easy to just drop a character's name and move on, but the reality of this is- I have three, and I like them for different reasons, so let's talk!

with pictures!Collapse )

full list of questions here
➵ she walks in starlight
21 August 2010 @ 03:19 am
→ Hrm. School starts in, like, nine days. Wut.

→ Apparently, storylandqueen, citiesfalling, dorian_mauve, and speccygeekgrrl all know each other somehow? THIS IS A CIRCLEJERK OF EPIC WIN RIGHT HERE. CL is mine though. Miiieeeen.

→ I made a bunch of icons for percy20in20, they are damn gorgeous and I don't care who knows it.

→ Two songs simultaneously stuck in my head: Paper Walls and Stare at the Sun, which is an odd but kind of cool combination.

→ Tomorrow: Clean (? lol). Take Elise to the airport. Go to work. Clean (for reals). Sigh.

→ I swear my super not so secret audio project will be finished soon - I got derailed by having to make those icons. All I really have to do is add a bit of music, and decide whether I want to splite it up into different tracks. It's over an hour and a half? But it isn't like there's chapters or anything. Hrn. IDK. (oh, very, very secret - accents, 1.5 hours of audio, music? I'll let you put the pieces together.)

→ OH ALSO, the reason I actually wanted to post at all rofl (HEY HEY ruins_of_sodom LISTEN UP) Iiiii found EVEN MORE Apollo/Hermes proof today. Just, just, I can't even. And it's from Homer! "And Hermes loved the son of Leto continually, even as he does now, when he had given the lyre as token to the Far-shooter, who played it skilfully, holding it upon his arm." AND AND AND "but Apollo, son of Leto, swore to be fellow and friend to Hermes, vowing that he would love no other among the immortals, neither god nor man sprung from Zeus, better than Hermes" GLEEEEE.

➵ she walks in starlight
30 June 2010 @ 09:29 pm
671K 3:22
(no transcription available)

In which I curse, and read a small unspoilery excerpt from Shadow Magic in which basically Caius Greylace is Kuja a flaming faggot.